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Awards and Honors

Charles Dickens PageAwards, honors, comments, and acknowledgments for David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page. Thank you...I truly appreciate them!

Beesker - Best Dickens Web Site

" brimming with useful and interesting information "

Great Dickens Christmas Fair

"A wonderful site dedicated to educating and increasing awareness of Dickens' life and works with a new generation of readers."

National Education Association

"David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page is an old curiosity shop of a website filled with many resources and links to still more sources to celebrate Charles Dickens."

The DVD Novel

Cited in Greg Metcalf's book The DVD Novel: How the Way We Watch Television Changed the Television We Watch

Inventing Scrooge

Cited in Carlo DeVito's book Inventing Scrooge: The Incredible True Story Behind Charles Dickens' Legendary "A Christmas Carol"

Carrying the Torch

Cited in Steven Payne's book Carrying the Torch

Dickens and the Whore

Acknowledged in Jennifer M. Emerson's book Dickens and the Whore


"Here's a cool web feature for lit types. Clicking the map takes you to a section of an 1859 map of London. Once at the map detail you can get further information about that part of town. For example, you can click a "dictionary" button, which takes you to a description of that location taken from the 1879 Dickens's Dictionary of London by Charles Dickens Jr. Or you can see an aerial photo of the area today, from Google maps.

The site is the brainchild of David Perdue. It’s a good illustration of how disparate data can be related to create, in effect, new content. Nice job!"

Our Mutual Friend - The Scholarly Pages

"During the year of its development, "Our Mutual Friend: The Scholarly Pages" grew into an international collaborative effort, drawing on technical expertise from both sides of the Atlantic, design expertise from a Dickens web enthusiast in America's heartland (David Perdue), the devotion of a Japanese scholar dedicated to digitizing nearly the entirety of the Victorian era (Mitsuharu Matsuoka), and many other scholars and students of Dickens across the globe. The result was the 1998 launch of "Our Mutual Friend: The Scholarly Pages," whose original charter was to provide "a virtually inexhaustible storehouse of information for those who wish to explore in depth the complicated 'web' of this dense but powerful novel." At a time when websites were only beginning to proliferate, "Our Mutual Friend: The Scholarly Pages" was indeed something new and large."


"I haven't linked to David Perdue's wonderful Charles Dickens Page in a while, but here's a part that I just came across and thought might be helpful. For those who are new to the author and not sure where to start, "Reading Dickens" offers some shorter pieces and excerpts to ease them into it. Kudos to David for creating this valuable resource!"


"February 7, 2012, is the bicentennial of Charles Dickens's birth. On "David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page," those interested will find "Fast Facts" on the famed author’s life and works, discussions of his novels and characters, a glossary of terms that modern readers will find useful, and further biographical details. In addition to background on the author himself is information relating specifically to Dickensian London and its place in the novels, including a map of the city as the author knew it. Perdue, disavowing the title of Dickensian scholar, simply describes himself as having "a deep and enduring passion for Dickens’ works, times, and locations." He also provides links to other sites relating to Dickens and the London of his time."

University of Maryland

"This personal website contains all manner of Dickens information and trivia. Included is an interactive mashup combining a map of London with information about important sites from his life and works."


"Dickens enthusiast David Perdue has put together this incredibly useful assortment of Dickens information. The tidy categories displayed on the left side of the page range from the fast facts of Dickens's biography to a glossary of his oft-used terms to sections on his time in London, America, and more. Definitely one to bookmark if you're doing a research project."

Dickens Bicentennial Celebration

Invited to the Dickens Bicentenial Ceremony at Westminster Abbey and attended February 7, 2012

Dickens and the Workhouse

Acknowledged in Ruth Richardson's book Dickens and the Workhouse

1951 A Christmas Carol Blu-ray

Mentioned in the special features of the new Blu-ray release of the 60th anniversary of the 1951 A Christmas Carol

Dickens for Children series

Listed as a resource in Gill Tavner's Dickens for Children series

The Literary Gothic

"A rich and impressive site that includes links to and/or info about Dickens and his context; a nice Works page gives a thumbnail intro to and cast of characters for his principal works. There's also a Timeline, and a nice page on the illustrators of Dickens' works. And don't miss the excellent page on Dickens and Christmas."

American Friends of the Charles Dickens Museum

Elected to the Board of the American Friends of the Charles Dickens Museum

American Friends of the Charles Dickens Museum

Worked with the Charles Dickens Museum and the American Friends of the Charles Dickens to create the American Friends of the Charles Dickens Museum Web site


Named Best of the Web for A Tale of Two Cities. "All Dickens, all the time. We’re not even kidding."


Named Best of the Web for Great Expectations by Shmoop


"David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page provides links to everything Dickens. The site is intended to enhance the reader's experience, providing background on Dickens, his work, and the times in which he lived."

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Referenced in the articleSlumming With Charles Dickens: New York Library Relives His American Tours in Seattle's online newspaper, seattlepi.com

Surfing the Net with Kids

Reviewed in Barbara Feldman's column Surfing the Net with Kids

Boston Globe Online

Featured in boston.com, the Boston Globe online

New York Times Online

Listed as a reference in the New York Times online

Charles Dickens's England

Featured in the film Charles Dickens's England starring Derek Jacobi

The Library of Congress

Featured on The Library of Congress's Teacher's Page

School Library Journal

Featured in School Library Journal, the world's largest reviewer of books, multimedia, and technology for children and teens.

Charles Dickens's England

Acknowledged in the book Charles Dickens's England

Drood by Dan Simmons

Acknowledged in Dan Simmons' novel Drood

PBS Dickens Masterpiece Classics

"Compiled by a Dickens enthusiast, this site includes illustrations, maps, a timeline, a glossary, extensive website links and information about Dickens's work and his travels to America."


"This amazingly comprehensive site dedicates itself to helping readers understand and appreciate the writings of Charles Dickens. The site includes information on all of Dickens' novels and includes many of the original illustrations for the novels. Best is the wealth of biographical information about Dickens, including a map of the London he knew, a look at his visit to America, and even the BBC's animated "Life of Charles Dickens."."

Charles Dickens Museum London

Worked with the Dickens Museum to create the Dickens 2012 Web site

Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica - Best Web sites 2008

PBS Bleak House

"Since its debut in 1997, this site, from a Dickens aficionado, has won notice from assorted British and American organizations; several school, curriculum and teacher resource portals link to it."

The Good Web Guide

Rated 5 stars by The Good Web Guide


"A truly tremendous tribute from a fan"

Oliver Twist 2005

Partnered with TriStar Pictures for promotional and educational materials for the 2005 film Oliver Twist, a Roman Polanski film

Association of American Geographers

Association of American Geographers Places OnLine 2005 Best Web Site Award. "See both the 'Dickens London' and 'Dickens London Map' pages on David Perdue's beautifully designed Dickens web site. 'Dickens London' uses descriptions of nineteenth century London from Dickens' writings to allow readers to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the old city. The interactive 'Dickens London Map' leads to descriptions from the 1879 Dictionary of London by Charles Dickens, Jr., and information and maps from epidemiologist Dr. John Snow, author of the famous cholera map."

Barnes and Noble edition of Bleak House

My Dickens' London Map used as an illustration in the Barnes and Noble edition of Bleak House

The Annotated Christmas Carol - Michael Patrick Hearn

Acknowledged in The Annotated Christmas Carol by Michael Patrick Hearn

PBS Dickens

Listed as a resource on PBS Dickens. "A great place to immerse yourself in the world of Charles Dickens. It features a synopsis of his novels, descriptions of characters from his major works, original illustrations, a timeline, and much more."

Good Housekeeping Magazine

Good Housekeeping Magazine Site of the Day


Featured in About-Internet for Beginners

Education World

Rated A+ by Education World Site Review. "This site is a great overview of the life and times of Charles Dickens. There is a lot of material here and it is covered very well. Visitors will find a biography, plot summaries for the novels, explanations of the characters, original illustrations, and a discussion of the artist who created them, time lines that place Dickens in historical context and much more. Information about 19th-century London is available along with an interactive map. Users can click on a location on the map to see how that particular place relates to Dickens's works. Included are a bibliography and a categorized list of links to more information on the Web. Be sure to check out the interesting sidebar information."


Linked from KidGrid

Education on the Internet

"David Perdue's impressive website provides a comprehensive account on the life and work of Charles Dickens. The site includes a detailed biography of Dickens by David Cody, notes on his complete work and a compendium of his characters. There is also a timeline, an interactive map of 19th century London, an article on Dickens' journalistic career and a message board where you can post questions on Dickens."

Art Bridge

Included in Art Bridge


Featured at iHigh.com


Top Five Web Sites. "Charles Dickens himself would be proud of this site and all the information it contains about him, his literature, and the London of his day. It's probably the best Dickens site to be found."

Lط·£¤nkskafferiet (The Link Larder)

Selected for inclusion in Lط·£¤nkskafferiet Swedish Schoolnet

3AW Radio - Melbourne, Australia

3AW Radio - Melbourne, Australia Weekly Top 5 Sites


BBC - Top 3 Arts sites of the Week

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Linked from CBC.CA Steve King: The Ghost of Christmas Past

Institute for Scientific Information

Selected by ISI for Current Web Content

Christian Science Monitor

Christian Science Monitor - Site Review


Linked from CNN.com Richard Blystone: How the Scrooge saved Christmas

BBC-Education Scotland

BBC-Education Scotland Site of the Month


Schoolsnet - Featured Site


Linked from CliffsNotes


BBC - Pick of the Day

Pacific Internet

Webmaster's Picks


Netweek - Editor's Choice Award

Netsurfer Digest

"Great Expectations Met at This Dickens Site. Want to talk to Charles Dickens about social reform? You can, sort of. You can ask an expert on the famous writer, or explore Dickens's London with an interactive map. Speaking of Victorian London, Dickens biographer Peter Ackroyd said, "If a late 20th-century person were suddenly to find himself in a tavern or house of the period, he would be literally sick - sick with the smells, sick with the food, sick with the atmosphere around him." (Thank god for vanilla air freshener.) From the gruesomeness of the city ("Until the second half of the 19th century London residents were still drinking water from the very same portions of the Thames that the sewers were discharging into") to his journalism and writing career, all of Dickens's cultural influences and influential achievements can be found at this site. Check out Chuck."

L'Encyclopedie De L'Agora

Linked from L'Encyclopedie De L'Agora

The Scout Report

"Created by Dickens aficionado David Perdue, this site offers concise introductory information on a wide variety of Dickens-related topics. Users of the site can browse short synopses of Dickens's novels, or view an alphabetical directory of many of the author's noteworthy characters. One section of the site discusses artists who contributed illustrations to Dickens's works; another features a selection of timelines to help readers situate Dickens historically. Dickens' London includes an interactive map of the city which allows users to click on various locations and learn how they figure into Dickens's works, and Dickens & Christmas features tidbits like a plum pudding recipe and a modern diagnosis of Tiny Tim's illness. Links throughout the site lead to outside sources of information, and a Dickens on the Web page collects and categorizes the links for users seeking more thorough scholarly information on the author and his works. This site does not attempt to provide every detail in its treatment of Dickens, but its broad scope offers a very nice introduction to the life and works of this important English author."

PBS - Oliver Twist

"This site, from a Dickens aficionado, provides links to a Dickens timeline, a London map, and in-depth character descriptions from a wide selection of Dickens novels. Since its debut in 1997, this site has won notice from assorted British and American organizations, and several school, curriculum and teacher resource portals link to it."

Web Feet

Web Feet Subject Guide to the Best Web Sites


Linked by India's Best Children's Site - AppuKids

Microsoft Network Encarta Learning Zone

Microsoft Network Encarta Learning Zone Best Web Sites

Sunday Times of London

"This vast site is one man's labour of love - David Perdue, who works for the US Geological Survey by day. It gives an absorbing, if American, overview of Dickens's life and work, with a timeline of his life, a glimpse of Victorian England and background on the original illustrators of his novels. There is a glossary of such deliciously named characters as Bumble, Sweedlepipe, Honeythunder, Pumblechook, Podsnap and Muddlebranes; links to author biographies; the complete works online; and extracts from Dickens's journals. In 1842, at the height of his popularity, he crossed the Atlantic to see America, but returned disappointed: "This is not the republic I came to see; this is not the republic of my imagination." Don't miss the clever interactive map of Dickens's London."

Fan Sites

Listed in FanSites.com

Comptons Encyclopedia

Listed in Comptons Encyclopedia Online

Britannica Encyclopedia

Britannica.com - Best of the Internet

BBC Web Guide

Featured in the BBC Web Guide

Cleveland Municipal School District

Cleveland Municipal School District Web Sites of the Month

Virtual Australia

Virtual Australia Christmas Web Award for excellence

Disney Edu-Station

Linked from Disney's Oliver Twist site

Too Cool School

Too Cool School Site of the Week

Blue Rose Award

Blue Rose Award

Links 2 Go

Links 2 Go Award

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