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Dickens' Characters L-M


Miss La Creevy ( Nicholas Nickleby ) Illustration Miniature painter in the Strand. The Nickleby's lease lodging from her briefly and she becomes their faithful friend. In the end she marries the Cheeryble Brothers old clerk, Tim Linkinwater. (top)

Lammle, Alfred and Sophronia ( Our Mutual Friend ) Society couple who marry, each thinking that the other has money only to find after marriage that both are broke. They are frustrated in a scheme to worm their way into the Boffin fortune and leave England to escape debts. (top)

Landless, Helena ( The Mystery of Edwin Drood ) Illustration Twin sister of Neville who, as the story ends prematurely, is falling in love with Canon Chrisparkle. (top)

Landless, Neville ( The Mystery of Edwin Drood ) Illustration Twin brother of Helena. He and his sister are brought to Cloisterham by their guardian, Mr. Honeythunder. Neville is attracted to Rosa Bud and, being set up by Jasper, quarrels with Edwin Drood. After Drood's disappearance Jasper cast blame on Neville who has no alibi and flees to London with his sister. (top)

Langdale ( Barnaby Rudge ) Kindly vintner and distiller in Holborn based on an historical figure. The Catholic Langdale shelters Geoffrey Haredale from the rioters. His home and warehouse are burned in the riots, his stores of spirits are consumed by the mob. (top)

Larkins, eldest Miss ( David Copperfield ) Early love of David Copperfield, The eldest Miss Larkins is not a little girl. She is a tall, dark, black-eyed, fine figure of a woman. The eldest Miss Larkins is not a chicken; for the youngest Miss Larkins is not that, and the eldest must be three or four years older. Perhaps the eldest Miss Larkins may be about thirty. She later marries Mr Chestle. (top)

Larkins, youngest Miss ( David Copperfield ) Younger sister of the eldest Miss Larkins. Three or four years younger than her sister. (top)

Larkins, Mr ( David Copperfield ) Father of the two Miss Larkins, eldest and youngest. (top)

Abraham Lazarus ( Great Expectations ) Criminal whose brother tries to engage Jaggers to represent. Jaggers informs him that he is too late, that he represents the other side. (top)

Leeford, Edward aka Monks ( Oliver Twist ) Illustration Villainous son of Edwin and half-brother of Oliver Twist who plots with Fagin to corrupt Oliver, in which case Leeford will inherit all of their father's property. After the plan is foiled Leeford is forced to emigrate to America where he dies in prison. He is tall...and a strongly made man, but not stout; he has a lurking walk; and as he walks, constantly looks over his shoulder, first on one side, and then on the other...his eyes are sunk in his head so much deeper than any other man's, that you might almost tell him by that alone. His face is dark, like his hair and eyes; and, although he can't be more than six or eight and twenty, withered and haggard. His lips are often discoloured and disfigured with the marks of teeth; for he has desperate fits, and sometimes even bites his hands and covers them with wounds. (top)

Leeford, Edwin ( Oliver Twist ) Father of Oliver, whom he has fathered out of wedlock with Agnes Fleming. Also father of Edward (Monks) from a previous marriage. Edwin has died before the story begins. (top)

Lenville, Thomas ( Nicholas Nickleby ) Member of Crummles' traveling stage troupe: A dark-complexioned man, inclining indeed to sallow, with long thick black hair, and very evident inclinations (although he was close shaved) of a stiff beard, and whiskers of the same deep shade. His age did not appear to exceed thirty, though many at first sight would have considered him much older, as his face was long, and very pale, from the constant application of stage paint. (top)

Lewsome ( Martin Chuzzlewit ) Medical man and old schoolmate of John Westlock. Westlock hires Mrs Gamp to nurse Lewsome through a serious illness. Lewsome has provided poison to Jonas Chuzzlewit who intends using it to kill his father, Anthony. His later confession helps lead to Jonas' arrest. (top)

Lightwood, Mortimer ( Our Mutual Friend ) Illustration A lawyer too lazy to take on much work and friend of Eugene Wrayburn. His only client is the Boffins, which puts him in the middle of much of the story. (top)

Lillian ( The Chimes ) Orphaned nine-year-old niece of Will Fern. (top)

Lillyvick, Mr ( Nicholas Nickleby ) Collector of water rates and uncle of Mrs Kenwigs. He secretly marries Henrietta Petowker in Portsmouth, much to the dismay of the Kenwigs, who had hoped to inherit his money. The Kenwigs expectations are renewed when Henrietta runs off with a half-pay (retired) captain. (top)

Limpkins, Mr ( Oliver Twist ) Chairman of the Board of the workhouse where Oliver Twist is born. (top)

Linkinwater, Tim ( Nicholas Nickleby ) Illustration Faithful clerk to the Cheeryble Brothers and friend of the Nicklebys. He marries Miss La Creevy. (top)

Littimer ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Manservant to James Steerforth, involved in the concealment of the elopement of Steerforth and Emily. He is later guilty of embezzlement and is captured with the help of Miss Mowcher. I believe there never existed in his station a more respectable-looking man. He was taciturn, soft-footed, very quiet in his manner, deferential, observant, always at hand when wanted, and never near when not wanted; but his great claim to consideration was his respectability. (top)

Lively, Mr ( Oliver Twist ) Trader in stolen goods in Field Lane. A salesman of small stature, who had squeezed as much of his person into a child's chair as the chair would hold, and was smoking a pipe at his warehouse door. (top)

Liz ( Bleak House ) Poor brickmaker's wife, a friend of Jenny. An ugly woman, very poorly clothed. (top)

Lobley ( The Mystery of Edwin Drood ) Mr. Tarter's servant and boatman. (top)

Longford, Edmund ( The Haunted Man ) Ailing student at the university where Redlaw teaches chemistry. He is adversely effected by Redlaw's gift of forgetting past sorrows and is later restored by his old nurse, Milly Swidger. (top)

Lorry, Jarvis ( A Tale of Two Cities ) Illustration An agent for Tellson's bank, Mr. Lorry is instrumental in bringing Dr. Manette, who is imprisoned in Paris, back to England. He returns to Paris to look after the bank's interest after the Revolution starts and while there helps Lucie and Charles Darnay, bringing them back to England after Sydney Carton sacrifices his life to save Darnay. Very orderly and methodical he looked, with a hand on each knee, and a loud watch ticking a sonorous sermon under his flapped waist-coat, as though it pitted its gravity and longevity against the levity and evanescence of the brisk fire. He had a good leg, and was a little vain of it, for his brown stockings fitted sleek and close, and were of a fine texture; his shoes and buckles, too, though plain, were trim. He wore an odd little sleek crisp flaxen wig, setting very close to his head: which wig, it is to be presumed, was made of hair, but which looked far more as though it were spun from filaments of silk or glass. His linen, though not of a fineness in accordance with his stockings, was as white as the tops of the waves that broke upon the neighbouring beach, or the specks of sail that glinted in the sunlight far at sea. A face habitually suppressed and quieted, was still lighted up under the quaint wig by a pair of moist bright eyes that it must have cost their owner, in years gone by, some pains to drill to the composed and reserved expression of Tellson's Bank. He had a healthy colour in his cheeks, and his face, though lined, bore few traces of anxiety. But, perhaps the confidential bachelor clerks in Tellson's Bank were principally occupied with the cares of other people; and perhaps second-hand cares, like second-hand clothes, come easily off and on. (top)

Losberne, Dr. ( Oliver Twist ) Illustration Impetuous doctor who treats Oliver and Rose in illness. A friend of the Maylie family. A surgeon in the neighbourhood, known through a circuit of ten miles round as 'the doctor,' had grown fat, more from good-humour than from good living: and was as kind and hearty, and withal as eccentric an old bachelor, as will be found in five times that space, by any explorer alive. (top)

Lowten ( Pickwick Papers ) Clerk to the solicitor Perker. Spends evenings with other law clerks at the Magpie and Stump. (top)

Lupin, Mrs ( Martin Chuzzlewit ) Landlady of the Blue Dragon Inn. Eventually marries Mark Tapley. (top)


MacStinger, Alexander ( Dombey and Son ) Younger son of Mrs MacStinger "aged two years and three months." (top)

MacStinger, Charles ( Dombey and Son ) Eldest son of Mrs MacStinger "popularly known about the scenes of his youthful sports, as Chowley". (top)

MacStinger, Juliana ( Dombey and Son ) Daughter of Mrs MacStinger "the picture of her mother." (top)

MacStinger, Mrs ( Dombey and Son ) Illustration Captain Cuttle's widowed landlady at Brig Place. The Captain is terrified of her and is constantly trying to avoid her. She eventually coerces the Captain's friend, Jack Bunsby, into marriage. (top)

Maggy ( Little Dorrit ) Illustration Mentally retarded granddaughter of Mrs Bangham and faithful friend of Amy Dorrit. She was about eight-and-twenty, with large bones , large features, large feet and hands, large eyes and no hair. (top)

Magnus, Peter ( Pickwick Papers ) Samuel Pickwick's fellow traveler to Ipswich where Magnus plans to propose to Miss Witherfield, the lady in yellow curl papers. (top)

Magwitch, Abel ( Great Expectations ) Illustration A convict whom Pip helps in the marshes after his escape from the prison ship. He is recaptured and transported to Australia where he gains a fortune which he secretly uses to increase Pip's "expectations". He secretly returns to England as Provis and confronts Pip with the secret source of his good fortune. Magwitch is recaptured and dies before he can be executed. Magwitch is also found to be the father of Estella. A fearful man, all in coarse grey, with a great iron on his leg. A man with no hat, and with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied round his head. A man who had been soaked in water, and smothered in mud, and lamed by stones, and cut by flints, and stung by nettles, and torn by briars; who limped, and shivered, and glared and growled; and whose teeth chattered in his head as he seized me by the chin. (top)

Maldon, Jack ( David Copperfield ) Cousin of Annie Strong with whom he is suspected of having an affair. He was rather a shallow sort of young gentleman, I thought, with a handsome face, a rapid utterance, and a confident, bold air. (top)

Manette, Dr. Alexandre ( A Tale of Two Cities ) Illustration A prisoner in the Bastille in Paris for eighteen years. He is released and accompanies his daughter, Lucie, and Jarvis Lorry to England. He returns to Paris after the outbreak of the revolution and, as a former prisoner, is able to secure Darnay's release from the revolutionaries. However, a statement written during Manette's long incarceration in the Bastille is later discovered and incriminates Darnay's family. Darnay is again imprisoned and later escapes when Sydney Carton takes his place. He had a white beard, raggedly cut, but not very long, a hollow face, and exceedingly bright eyes. The hollowness and thinness of his face would have caused them to look large, under his yet dark eyebrows and his confused white hair, though they had been really otherwise; but, they were naturally large, and looked unnaturally so. His yellow rags of shirt lay open at the throat, and showed his body to be withered and worn. He, and his old canvas frock, and his loose stockings, and all his poor tatters of clothes, had, in a long seclusion from direct light and air, faded down to such a dull uniformity of parchment-yellow, that it would have been hard to say which was which. (top)

Manette, Lucie ( A Tale of Two Cities ) Illustration Daughter of Dr. Manette. She is taken to Paris by Jarvis Lorry when her father is released from prison. She marries Charles Darnay but is adored from afar by Sydney Carton, who feels unworthy of her. When Darnay is imprisoned in Paris by the revolutionaries Carton helps him escape, taking Darnay's place due to their resemblance. As Darnay and Lucie escape to England, Carton makes the supreme sacrifice. A young lady of not more than seventeen, in a riding-cloak, and still holding her straw travelling-hat by its ribbon in her hand. As his eyes rested on a short, slight, pretty figure, a quantity of golden hair, a pair of blue eyes that met his own with an inquiring look, and a forehead with a singular capacity (remembering how young and smooth it was), of rifting and knitting itself into an expression that was not quite one of perplexity, or wonder, or alarm, or merely of a bright fixed attention, though it included all the four expressions. (top)

Mann, Mrs. ( Oliver Twist ) Matron of a baby farm where Oliver is raised to age 9. (top)

Mantalini, Madame ( Nicholas Nickleby ) Dressmaker in Cavandish Square, she hires Kate Nickleby as a favor to her uncle Ralph, to whom she owes money. Her shiftless husband, Alfred, borrows heavily from Ralph and eventually bankrupts his wife's business. (top)

Mantalini, Alfred ( Nicholas Nickleby ) Husband of Madame Mantalini. A shiftless idler who lives by flattering his older wife until he has gone through all of her money. Ends up working for a laundress who has bailed him out of debtor's prison. (top)

The Marchioness ( The Old Curiosity Shop ) Illustration Dick Swiveller's nickname for the little servant kept locked below stairs by the Brasses. Swiveller later marries her. (top)

Markleham, Mrs. ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Mother of Annie Strong and mother-in-law of Doctor Strong. Also known as The Old Soldier. Her name was Mrs. Markleham; but our boys used to call her the Old Soldier, on account of her generalship, and the skill with which she marshalled great forces of relations against the Doctor. She was a little, sharp-eyed woman, who used to wear, when she was dressed, one unchangeable cap, ornamented with some artificial flowers, and two artificial butterflies supposed to be hovering above the flowers. There was a superstition among us that this cap had come from France, and could only originate in the workmanship of that ingenious nation: but all I certainly know about it, is, that it always made its appearance of an evening, wheresoever Mrs. Markleham made HER appearance; that it was carried about to friendly meetings in a Hindoo basket; that the butterflies had the gift of trembling constantly; and that they improved the shining hours at Doctor Strong’s expense, like busy bees. (top)

Markham ( David Copperfield ) Friend of Steerforth and fellow reveler, with Grainger, at David Copperfield's dinner party at Buckingham Street. Gay and lively fellow...youthful-looking and not more than twenty. Always spoke of himself indefinitely, as 'a man', and seldom or never in the first person singular. (top)

Marley, Jacob ( A Christmas Carol ) Illustration Scrooge's former partner, who died seven Christmas Eves ago. Jacob, in life, was a penny-pinching miser like Scrooge and is suffering for it in the afterlife. His ghost comes to haunt Scrooge, hoping to change Scrooge's life and therefore avoid Marley's fate. Marley in his pigtail, usual waistcoat, tights and boots; the tassels on the latter bristling, like his pigtail, and his coat-skirts, and the hair upon his head. The chain he drew was clasped about his middle. It was long, and wound about him like a tail; and it was made (for Scrooge observed it closely) of cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses wrought in steel. His body was transparent; so that Scrooge, observing him, and looking through his waistcoat, could see the two buttons on his coat behind. (top)

Martha ( Dombey and Son ) Daughter of John, about Florence Dombey's age. "Ugly, misshapen, peevish, ill-conditioned, ragged, dirty - but beloved!" (top)

Martha ( Oliver Twist ) Old pauper women who attends the deathbed of Old Sally. (top)

Marton, Mr ( The Old Curiosity Shop ) Kindly schoolmaster who befriends Nell and her grandfather. He meets up with them again at the end of their journey and obtains a situation for them in the village church where he has been appointed clerk. (top)

Mary ( Pickwick Papers ) Pretty housemaid of Nupkins, mayor of Ipswich, whom Samuel Weller pursues throughout the novel. Later Arabella Allen's maid and finally hired as housemaid by Samuel Pickwick. She marries Weller at the end of the novel. (top)

Mary Anne ( David Copperfield ) Incompetent maid to David and Dora Copperfield. (top)

Mary Anne ( Great Expectations ) "Little servant" of Wemmick. ...who, it seemed, retired to the bosom of her family on Sunday afternoons. (top)

Maylie, Mrs. ( Oliver Twist ) Mother of Harry and the adopted mother of Rose. Well advanced in years; but the high-backed oaken chair in which she sat, was not more upright than she. Dressed with the utmost nicety and precision, in a quaint mixture of by-gone costume, with some slight concessions to the prevailing taste, which rather served to point the old style pleasantly than to impair its effect. (top)

Maylie, Harry ( Oliver Twist ) Son of Mrs. Maylie. He aids in the chase of Bill Sikes. Later he gives up a career in politics to becomes a country parson and marries Rose. He seemed about five-and-twenty years of age, and was of the middle height; his countenance was frank and handsome; and his demeanor easy and prepossessing. (top)

Maylie, Rose ( Oliver Twist ) Illustration A poor girl adopted by Mrs. Maylie, she and Mr. Brownlow endeavor to help Oliver through Nancy. When Nancy's conversation with Rose on London Bridge is overheard by Claypole, Nancy is murdered by Sikes. Rose is the sister of Oliver's mother, Agnes Fleming. She later marries Harry. In the lovely bloom and spring-time of womanhood; at that age, when, if ever angels be for God's good purposes enthroned in mortal forms, they may be, without impiety, supposed to abide in such as hers. (top)

M'Choakumchild ( Hard Times ) Schoolmaster in Gradgrind's school where fancy and imagination are discouraged in favor of hard facts. He and some one hundred and forty other schoolmasters, had been lately turned at the same time, in the same factory, on the same principles, like so many pianoforte legs. He had been put through an immense variety of paces, and had answered volumes of head-breaking questions. Orthography, etymology, syntax, and prosody, biography, astronomy, geography, and general cosmography, the sciences of compound proportion, algebra, land-surveying and levelling, vocal music, and drawing from models, were all at the ends of his ten chilled fingers. He had worked his stony way into Her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council's Schedule B, and had taken the bloom off the higher branches of mathematics and physical science, French, German, Latin, and Greek. He knew all about all the Water Sheds of all the world (whatever they are), and all the histories of all the peoples, and all the names of all the rivers and mountains, and all the productions, manners, and customs of all the countries, and all their boundaries and bearings on the two and thirty points of the compass. Ah, rather overdone, M'Choakumchild. If he had only learnt a little less, how infinitely better he might have taught much more! (top)

Meagles, Mr. and Mrs. ( Little Dorrit ) Illustration Kindhearted retired banker Mr. Meagles, his wife and daughter, Pet, befriend Arthur Clennam, Amy Dorrit, and Daniel Doyce. The Meagles adopt Tattycoram from the Foundling Hospital. (top)

Meg (Margaret) ( The Chimes ) Daughter of poor ticket porter Trotty Veck. Marries Richard on New Year's Day. (top)

Melchisedech ( Bleak House ) Solicitor in Clifford's Inn to whom Mr. Tulkinghorn refers Mr. George in order to be rid of him. (top)

Melia ( Dombey and Son ) Maidservant at Dr Blimber's school. (top)

Mell, Charles ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Assistant schoolmaster at Salem House Academy attended by David Copperfield. David befriends Mell and finds that Mell's mother lives in an almshouse which he innocently tells Steerforth. Steerforth uses this information to discredit Mell and have him dismissed. Mell later emigrates to Australia and becomes headmaster at Colonial Salem House Grammar School in Port Middlebay where he is married and has children, daughter Helena among them. He was a gaunt, sallow young man, with hollow cheeks, and a chin almost as black as Mr. Murdstone's; but there the likeness ended, for his whiskers were shaved off, and his hair, instead of being glossy, was rusty and dry. He was dressed in a suit of black clothes which were rather rusty and dry too, and rather short in the sleeves and legs; and he had a white neck-kerchief on, that was not over-clean. I did not, and do not, suppose that this neck-kerchief was all the linen he wore, but it was all he showed or gave any hint of. (top)

Mell, Mrs ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Mother of Charles Mell and companion to Mrs Fibbitson who dotes on her son and loves his poor flute playing. (top)

Melvilleson, Miss M. ( Bleak House ) A lady of some pretensions to musical ability...engaged by Mr. J. G. Bogsby to sing at a series of concerts called Harmonic Assemblies, or Meetings, which it would appear are held at the Sol's Arms under Mr. Bogsby's direction pursuant to the Act of George the Second. (top)

Mender of Roads ( A Tale of Two Cities ) Ignorant but faithful revolutionary also known as Jacques five. He witnesses Gaspard traveling under the carriage on his way to kill the Marquis de St Evremonde. "Why, how old are you?" "Thirty-five," said the mender of roads, who looked sixty. (top)

Mercury ( Bleak House ) Collectively, the powdered footmen of the Dedlock's. (top)

Merdle, Mr. and Mrs. ( Little Dorrit ) Illustration Mr. Merdle is an unscrupulous banker. Investing in his enterprises ruins the Dorrits, Arthur Clennam, and others. Merdle commits suicide when his fraud is uncovered. Mrs. Merdle is the mother of Edmund Sparkler by a previous marriage. (top)

Micawber, Emma ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Long suffering wife of Mr. Micawber whom she swears she will never leave despite his financial difficulties. A thin and faded lady, not at all young, with a baby at her breast. This baby was one of twins; and I may remark here that I hardly ever, in all my experience of the family, saw both the twins detached from Mrs. Micawber at the same time. One of them was always taking refreshment. (top)

Micawber, Master (Little Wilkins) ( David Copperfield ) Oldest son of Mr Micawber. (top)

Micawber, Miss (Little Emma) ( David Copperfield ) Oldest daughter of Mr Micawber. (top)

Micawber, Wilkins ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Enters the story when David Copperfield takes lodging at his home. Continually in debt and looking for "something to turn up" he ends up in debtor's prison. On his release he rambles through the story in various occupations (later taking the alias of Mortimer to escape creditors) eventually employed at Mr. Wickfield's office where he exposes the dastardly deeds of Uriah Heep. In gratitude for this his debts are paid and he emigrates to Australia, where he becomes a magistrate. A stoutish, middle-aged person, in a brown surtout and black tights and shoes, with no more hair upon his head (which was a large one, and very shining) than there is upon an egg, and with a very extensive face. His clothes were shabby, but he had an imposing shirt-collar on. He carried a jaunty sort of a stick, with a large pair of rusty tassels to it; and a quizzing-glass hung outside his coat, - for ornament, I afterwards found, as he very seldom looked through it, and couldn't see anything when he did. The character is drawn heavily on Dickens' father. (top)

Miff, Mrs ( Dombey and Son ) "Wheezy little pew-opener" at the church where Mr Dombey marries Edith Granger and later where Walter Gay marries Florence Dombey. A vinegary face has Mrs Miff, and a mortified bonnet, and eke a thirsty soul for sixpences and shillings. Beckoning to stray people to come into pews, has given Mrs Miff an air of mystery; and there is reservation in the eye of Mrs Miff, as always knowing of a softer seat, but having her suspicions of the fee. (top)

Miggs ( Barnaby Rudge ) Illustration Maid in the Varden household. Comically allies with Martha Varden against her husband. Miggs aids the rioters when they attempt to capture Gabriel. She is discharged after the riots and becomes a jailor in a woman's prison. (top)

Mike ( Great Expectations ) A client of Jaggers. A gentleman with one eye, in a velveteen suit and knee-breeches. (top)

Millers ( Great Expectations ) One of Mrs Pocket's maids (along with Flopson) who helps control the Pocket's 'tumbled up' children. (top)

Milvey, Reverend Frank ( Our Mutual Friend ) Reverend who assists the Boffins in the adoption of Johnny. Reverend Milvey also conducts the funeral of Betty Higden and the marriage of Eugene Wrayburn and Lizzie Hexam. Rev. Frank's wife is Margaretta. (top)

Mills, Julia ( David Copperfield ) Friend and confidant of Dora Spenlow and David Copperfield's go-between during his courtship with Dora. A young woman of about twenty. She later goes to live in India. Miss Mills having been unhappy in a misplaced affection, and being understood to have retired from the world on her awful stock of experience, but still to take a calm interest in the unblighted hopes and loves of youth. (top)

Mills, Mr. ( David Copperfield ) Father of Julia. When David Copperfield visits Dora Spenlow at the Mills' home he must wait for Mr. Mills to go out, which he takes his good time doing, much to David's annoyance. (top)

Mithers and Lady Mithers ( David Copperfield ) Lady Mithers is a client of Miss Mowcher. Mowcher refuses to tell Steerforth which of her particular arts Lady Mithers takes advantage of. 'What were you doing for Lady Mithers?' asked Steerforth...'Never YOU mind! You'd like to know whether I stop her hair from falling off, or dye it, or touch up her complexion, or improve her eyebrows, wouldn't you? (top)

Molly ( Great Expectations ) Jagger's maid whom he had successfully defended in a murder trial. It is discovered that Molly had a child with Magwitch. Jaggers gives her little girl (Estella) to Miss Havisham to raise. She was a very handsome young woman, and I believe had some gypsy blood in her. (top)

Morfin, Mr ( Dombey and Son ) Assistant manager at Dombey and Son. Morfin aids John Carker when he overhears John's mistreatment at the hands of his brother James. Morfin later marries Harriet Carker. (top)

Mould ( Martin Chuzzlewit ) Undertaker who arranges the funeral of Anthony Chuzzlewit and recommends Mrs Gamp. Mr Mould has "a face in which a queer attempt at melancholy was at odds with a smirk of satisfaction." (top)

Miss Mowcher ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Dwarf hairdresser and manicurist of Steerforth. David Copperfield, expecting to meet Miss Mowcher for the first time reports: I looked at the doorway and saw nothing. I was still looking at the doorway, thinking that Miss Mowcher was a long while making her appearance, when, to my infinite astonishment, there came waddling round a sofa which stood between me and it, a pursy dwarf, of about forty or forty-five, with a very large head and face, a pair of roguish grey eyes, and such extremely little arms, that, to enable herself to lay a finger archly against her snub nose, as she ogled Steerforth, she was obliged to meet the finger half-way, and lay her nose against it. Her chin, which was what is called a double chin, was so fat that it entirely swallowed up the strings of her bonnet, bow and all. See sidebar on Copperfield page. (top)

Mr. F's Aunt ( Little Dorrit ) Illustration Companion to Flora Finching (Aunt to her late husband) and one of the funniest characters in Dickens. Dickens describes her as an amazing little old woman, with a face like a staring wooden doll too cheap for expression, and a stiff yellow wig perched unevenly on the top of her head, as if the child who owned the doll had driven a tack through it anywhere, so that it only got fastened on." She has an amazing capacity for uttering totally non-sensible barbs which being totally uncalled for by anything said by anybody, and traceable to no association of ideas, confounded and terrified the mind. (top)

Murdstone, Edward ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Second husband of Clara Copperfield whom David Copperfield dislikes. He is a stern disciplinarian and sends David off to Salem House School and later consigns him to the warehouse of Murdstone and Grinby. His hair and whiskers were blacker and thicker, looked at so near, than even I had given them credit for being. A squareness about the lower part of his face, and the dotted indication of the strong black beard he shaved close every day, reminded me of the wax-work that had travelled into our neighbourhood some half-a-year before. This, his regular eyebrows, and the rich white, and black, and brown, of his complexion - confound his complexion, and his memory! - made me think him, in spite of my misgivings, a very handsome man. I have no doubt that my poor dear mother thought him so too. (top)

Murdstone, Jane ( David Copperfield ) Illustration Sister of Edward Murdstone who moves in with David Copperfield and his mother after her marriage to Murdstone. David describes her as a gloomy-looking lady she was; dark, like her brother, whom she greatly resembled in face and voice; and with very heavy eyebrows, nearly meeting over her large nose. She kept the purse in a very jail of a bag which hung upon her arm by a heavy chain, and shut up like a bite. I had never, at that time, seen such a metallic lady altogether as Miss Murdstone was. She surfaces again in the novel as the "confidential friend" of Dora Spenlow. (top)