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Illustrations Bleak House Illustrations

Bleak House Illustrations

Hablot Browne (Phiz) provided all 40 illustrations, etched on steel, for Bleak House published in monthly parts Mar 1852 - Sep 1853.

In order to help set the dark mood of the novel Browne incorporated a technique called 'dark plate' on ten of the illustrations. The dark plate technique involved using a ruling-machine (operated by an assistant) which cut a close-spaced criss-cross pattern of lines into the plate, thus creating an overall dark cast on the resulting print.

The illustration depicting Toms-all-Alone's, the slum that is home to the crossing-sweeper, Jo, is perhaps the most striking example of the dark plate technique.

Bleak House and Little Dorrit: Iconography of Darkness - From Dickens and Phiz by Michael Steig

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Bleak_House 01
The little old Lady

Bleak_House 02
Miss Jellyby

Bleak_House 03
The Lord Chancellor copies from memory

Bleak_House 04

Bleak_House 05
The visit to the Brickmaker's

Bleak_House 06
In Re Guppy. Extraordinary proceedings

Bleak_House 07
Mr. Guppy's desolation

Bleak_House 08
The family portraits at Mr Bayham Badger's

Bleak_House 09
The Dancing School

Bleak_House 10
Consecrated ground

Bleak_House 11
Caddy's flowers

Bleak_House 12
The little church in the park

Bleak_House 13
Mr Guppy's entertainment

Bleak_House 14
The Smallweed family

Bleak_House 15
A model of parental deportment

Bleak_House 16
Mr Chadband 'improving' a tough subject

Bleak_House 17
Visitors at the Shooting Gallery

Bleak_House 18
The Young Man of the name of Guppy

Bleak_House 19
Nurse and Patient

Bleak_House 20
The appointed time

Bleak_House 21
The old man of the name of Tulkinghorn

Bleak_House 22
Mr Smallweed breaks the pipe of peace

Bleak_House 23
Lady Dedlock in the Wood

Bleak_House 24
The Ghost's Walk

Bleak_House 25
Attorney and Client, fortitude and impatience

Bleak_House 26
Sunset in the long Drawing-room at Chesney Wold

Bleak_House 27
Sir Leicester Dedlock

Bleak_House 28

Bleak_House 29
A new meaning in the Roman

Bleak_House 30
Friendly behaviour of Mr Bucket

Bleak_House 31

Bleak_House 32

Bleak_House 33
Mrs Bagnet returns from her expedition

Bleak_House 34
The lonely figure

Bleak_House 35
The Night

Bleak_House 21
The Morning

Bleak_House 22
Magnanimous conduct of Mr Guppy

Bleak_House 23
The Mausoleum at Chesney Wold

Bleak_House frontispiece

Bleak_House title page
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