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Illustrations A Tale of Two Cities Illustrations

A Tale of Two Cities Illustrations

A Tale of Two Cities was written specifically for Dickens' weekly magazine All The Year Round where it appeared without illustrations. It was also published concurrently in monthly installments with Illustrations by Hablot Browne (Phiz).

The illustrations for A Tale of Two Cities were not well received and Browne, who had illustrated Dickens for 23 years, never worked with Dickens again. Dickens gave no explanation to his readers, or to Browne, for the break with his long-standing illustrator. It is generally believed that Browne's comic style did not fit well with Dickens' darker, more serious, later novels.

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A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 01
The Mail

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 02
The Shoemaker

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 03
The Likeness

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 04

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 05
The Stoppage at the Fountain

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 06
Mr Striver at Tellson's Bank

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 07
The Spy's Funeral

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 08
The Wine Shop

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 09
The Accomplices

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 10
The Sea Rises

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 11
Before the Prison Tribunal

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 12
The knock at the Door

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 13
The double recognition

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities 14
After the sentence

A_Tale_of_Two_Cities Frontispiece

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