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Frederic G. Kitton (1899)

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Michael Steig (1978)

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Illustrations The Old Curiosity Shop Illustrations

The Old Curiosity Shop Illustrations

Illustrations for The Old Curiosity Shop, which appeared in Dickens weekly Master Humphrey's Clock, were engraved in wood and dropped into the text. The names of the engravers Landells and Gray can be seen along with the initials of the illustrators: George Cattermole and Hablot Browne, with a single illustration each from Samuel Williams and Daniel Maclise.

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The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 01
The Child in her Gentle Slumber

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 02
Mr. Swiveller seeks to gain Attention

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 03
Quilp interupts at Tea

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 04
Quilp's Wharf

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 05
Little Nell is anxious

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 06
A Cool Proposal

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 07
Mr. Chegg's Jealousy

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 08
Little Nell as Comforter

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 09
Kit at Home

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 10
The Legal Gentleman named Brass

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 11
The Pilgrimage begins

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 12
Mr. Swiveller's Pugilistic Skill

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 13
Kit makes an Appointment

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 14
A Rest by the Way

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 15
Punch in the Churchyard

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 16
Grinder's Lot

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 17
At the Jolly Sandboys

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 18
The Giants waiting on the Dwarfs

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 19
Little Nell's Anxiety

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 20
Quilp defies the Dog

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 21
The Kitchen at Abel Cottage

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 22
Quilp's Discovery

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 23
At the Schoolmaster's Porch

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 24
The Dunce improves the Occasion

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 25
The Lady of the Caravan

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 26
Nell hides from Quilp

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 27
Mrs. Jarley's Waxwork

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 28
Producing a Sensation

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 29
A Game of Cards

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 30
Miss Monflathers chides Nell

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 31
Mrs. Jarley at the Pay-place

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 32
A Colleague for Miss Brass

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 33
Taken by a Single Gentleman

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 34
Mr. Brass at the Keyhole

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 35
The Small Servant's Dinner

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 36
An Interview with Codlin and Short

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 37
Jerry's Dancing Dogs

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 38
Mr. Swiveller's Libation

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 39
At Astley's

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 40
Mr. Garland and Kit

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 41
Kit's Mother on a Journey

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 42
A Parley with the Cardsharpers

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 43
Flight by Water

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 44
Watching the Furnace Fire

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 45
A Procession of the Unemployed

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 46
Nell in a Faint

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 47
A very Aged, Ghostly Place

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 48
A Gracious Invitation

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 49
A Descriptive Advertisement

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 50
Mrs. Quilp visits Bachelor's Hall

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 51
Uproarious Hospitality

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 52
Nell's New Home

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 53
Resting among the Tombs

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 54
Nell's Garden

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 55
A Black and Dreadful Place

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 56
Kit brings a Letter

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 57
The Marchioness at Cards

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 58
Mr. Swiveller playing the Flute

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 59
Quilp's Grotesque Politeness

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 60
Kit in Jail

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 61
Revenge is Sweet

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 62
Mr. Swiveller to the Rescue

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 63
A Quiet Game of Cribbage

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 64
The Marchioness in the Chaise

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 65
Delicacies for Mr. Swiveller

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 66
Mr. Brass unexpectedly appears

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 67
The End of Quilp

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 68
Kit's Visit to the Stable

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 69
Farewell to the Travellers

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 70
The Journey's End

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 71
At Rest

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 72
Waiting at the Grave

The_Old_Curiosity_Shop 73