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Kitton - Dickens and His Illustrators
Dickens and His Illustrators

Frederic G. Kitton (1899)

Steig - Dickens and Phiz
Dickens and Phiz

Michael Steig (1978)

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Illustrations David Copperfield Illustrations

David Copperfield Illustrations

Hablot Browne (Phiz) provided all 38 illustrations for David Copperfield published in monthly parts May 1849 - Nov 1850.

David Copperfield: Progress of a Confused Soul - From Dickens and Phiz by Michael Steig

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David_Copperfield 01
Our Pew at Church

David_Copperfield 02
I am hospitably received by Mr Peggotty

David_Copperfield 02b
Little Emily

David_Copperfield 03
The friendly Waiter
and I

David_Copperfield 04
My musical breakfast

David_Copperfield 05
Steerforth and Mr Mell

David_Copperfield 06
Changes at Home

David_Copperfield 07
Mrs Gummidge casts a damp on our departure

David_Copperfield 08
My magnificent order at the public-house

David_Copperfield 09
I make myself known to my Aunt

David_Copperfield 10
The momentous interview

David_Copperfield 11
I return to the Doctor's after the party

David_Copperfield 12
Somebody turns up

David_Copperfield 13
My first fall in life

David_Copperfield 14
We arrive unexpectedly at Mr Peggotty's fireside

David_Copperfield 15
I make the acquaintance of Miss Mowcher

David_Copperfield 16

David_Copperfield 17
Uriah persists in hovering near us, at the dinner party

David_Copperfield 18
I fall into captivity

David_Copperfield 19
We are disturbed in our cookery

David_Copperfield 20
I find Mr Barkis 'going out with the tide'

David_Copperfield 21
Mr Peggotty and Mrs Steerforth

David_Copperfield 22
My Aunt astonishes me

David_Copperfield 23
Mr Wickfield and his partner wait upon my Aunt

David_Copperfield 24
Mr Micawber delivers some valedictory remarks

David_Copperfield 25
Traddles makes a figure in parliament and I report him

David_Copperfield 26
The Wanderer

David_Copperfield 27
Traddles and I in confidence with the Misses Spenlow

David_Copperfield 28
I am Married

David_Copperfield 29
Our Housekeeping

David_Copperfield 30
Mr Dick fulfils my Aunt's prediction

David_Copperfield 31
The River

David_Copperfield 32
Mr Pegotty's dream comes true

David_Copperfield 33
Restoration of mutual confidence between Mr and Mrs Micawber

David_Copperfield 34
My child-wife's old companion

David_Copperfield 35
I am the bearer of evil tidings

David_Copperfield 21
The Emigrants

David_Copperfield 22
I am shown two interesting penitents

David_Copperfield 23
A Stranger calls to see me