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Dickens and His Illustrators

Frederic G. Kitton (1899)

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Dickens and Phiz

Michael Steig (1978)

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Illustrations Little Dorrit Illustrations

Little Dorrit Illustrations

Little_Dorrit Cover Hablot Browne (Phiz) provided all 40 illustrations for Little Dorrit published in monthly parts Dec 1855 - June 1857.

Browne continues to use the dark plate technique, as in Bleak House. He also continues to reduce the use of emblematic detail in the illustrations.

Michael Steig, in Dickens and Phiz, points out that in the illustration for the title page, where Little Dorrit is seen leaving the prison, she seems bathed in light coming from within the prison, giving the sense that Amy goes into a world much darker than the prison.

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Little_Dorrit Frontispiece

Little_Dorrit Title Page
Title Page

Little_Dorrit 01
The birds in the cage

Little_Dorrit 02
Under the microscope

Little_Dorrit 03
Mr Flintwinch mediates as a friend of the family

Little_Dorrit 04
The room with the portrait

Little_Dorrit 05
Little mother

Little_Dorrit 06
Making off

Little_Dorrit 07
Mr F's Aunt is conducted into retirement

Little_Dorrit 08
Little Dorrit's party

Little_Dorrit 09
Mr & Mrs Flintwinch

Little_Dorrit 10
The ferry

Little_Dorrit 11
The brothers

Little_Dorrit 12
Miss Dorrit and Little Dorrit

Little_Dorrit 13
Visitors at the works

Little_Dorrit 14
The story of the princess

Little_Dorrit 15

Little_Dorrit 16
Floating away

Little_Dorrit 17
Mr Flintwinch has a mild attack of irritability

Little_Dorrit 18
The pensioner entertainment

Little_Dorrit 19
Society expresses its views on a question of marriage

Little_Dorrit 20
The Marshalsea becomes an orphan

Little_Dorrit 21
The travellers

Little_Dorrit 22
The family dignity is affronted

Little_Dorrit 23
Instinct stronger than training

Little_Dorrit 24
Mr Sparkler under a reverse of circumstances

Little_Dorrit 25
Rigour of Mr F's Aunt

Little_Dorrit 26
Mr Flintwinch receives the embrace of friendship

Little_Dorrit 27
The patriotic conference

Little_Dorrit 28
Mr Baptist is supposed to have seen something

Little_Dorrit 29
Missing and dreaming

Little_Dorrit 30
Reception of an old friend

Little_Dorrit 31
An unexpected after-dinner speech

Little_Dorrit 32
The night

Little_Dorrit 33
Flora's tour of inspection

Little_Dorrit 34
Mr Merdle a borrower

Little_Dorrit 35
At Mr John Chivery's tea-table

Little_Dorrit 36
In the old room

Little_Dorrit 37

Little_Dorrit 38
The third volume of the registers