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Frederic G. Kitton (1899)

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Michael Steig (1978)

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Illustrations Martin Chuzzlewit Illustrations

Martin Chuzzlewit Illustrations

Emblematic Detail

Hablot Browne (Phiz) provided all 39 illustrations for Martin Chuzzlewit published in monthly parts Jan 1843 - July 1844.

An example of Dickens' instructions to Hablot Browne. In this case for the illustration that was to be the frontispiece, which appeared in the last monthly part:

I have a notion of finishing the book with an apostrophe to Tom Pinch, playing the organ. I shall break off the last chapter suddenly, and find Tom at his organ, a few years afterwards. And instead of saying what became of the people, as usual, I shall suppose it all expressed in the sounds; making the last swell of the instrument a kind of expression of Tom's heart. Tom has remained a single man, and lives with his sister and John Westlock who are married—Martin and Mary are married—Tom is a godfather of course—old Martin is dead, and has left him some money—Tom has an organ fitted in his chamber, and often sits alone, playing it, when of course the old times rise up before him. So the Frontispiece is Tom at his organ with a pensive face; and any little indications of his history rising out of it, and floating about it, that you please; Tom as interesting and amiable as possible.

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Martin_Chuzzlewit Frontispiece

Martin_Chuzzlewit 01
A new pupil

Martin_Chuzzlewit 02
Meekness of Mr Pecksniff and his charming daughters

Martin_Chuzzlewit 03
Martin Chuzzlewit suspects the landlady without any reason

Martin_Chuzzlewit 04
Pleasant little family party at Mr Pecksniff's

Martin_Chuzzlewit 05
Pinch starts homeward with the new pupil

Martin_Chuzzlewit 06
Mr Pinch and the new pupil on a social occasion

Martin_Chuzzlewit 07
Mark begins to be jolly under creditable circumstances

Martin_Chuzzlewit 08
Mrs Todgers and the Pecksniffs call upon Miss Pinch

Martin_Chuzzlewit 09
Truth prevails and virtue is triumphant

Martin_Chuzzlewit 10
Mr Jonas Chuzzlewit entertains his cousins

Martin_Chuzzlewit 11
Mr Pecksniff renounces the deceiver

Martin_Chuzzlewit 12
Martin meets an acquantance at the house of a mutual relation

Martin_Chuzzlewit 13
Mr Tapley acts third party with great discretion

Martin_Chuzzlewit 14
Mr Jefferson Brick proposes an appropriate sentiment

Martin_Chuzzlewit 15
Mr Tapley succeeds in finding a jolly subject for contemplation

Martin_Chuzzlewit 16
Mr Pecksniff on his mission

Martin_Chuzzlewit 17
The thriving City of Eden as it appeared on paper

Martin_Chuzzlewit 18
The thriving City of Eden as it appeared in fact

Martin_Chuzzlewit 19
Balm for the wounded orphan

Martin_Chuzzlewit 20
Mrs Gamp has her eye on the future

Martin_Chuzzlewit 21
The board

Martin_Chuzzlewit 22
Easy shaving

Martin_Chuzzlewit 23
Mr Pecksniff discharges a duty which he owes to society

Martin_Chuzzlewit 24
Mr Moddle is both particular and peculiar in his attentions

Martin_Chuzzlewit 25
Mr Tapley is recognized by some fellow citizens of Eden

Martin_Chuzzlewit 26
Martin is much gratified by an imposing ceremony

Martin_Chuzzlewit 27
Mr Pinch departs to seek his fortune

Martin_Chuzzlewit 28
Mr Nadgett breaths as usual an atmosphere of mystery

Martin_Chuzzlewit 29
Mr Pinch and Ruth unconscious of a visitor

Martin_Chuzzlewit 30
Mysterious installation of Mr Pinch

Martin_Chuzzlewit 31
Mr Jonas exhibits his presence of mind

Martin_Chuzzlewit 32
Mr Pecksniff announces himself as the shield of virtue

Martin_Chuzzlewit 33
Mr Moddle is led to the contemplation of his destiny

Martin_Chuzzlewit 34
Mrs Gamp makes tea

Martin_Chuzzlewit 35
Mrs Gamp propoges a toast

Martin_Chuzzlewit 36
Mr Pinch is amazed by an unexpected apparition

Martin_Chuzzlewit 37
Warm reception of Mr Pecksniffby his venerable friend

Martin_Chuzzlewit 38
The nuptials of Miss Pecksniff receive a temporary check