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Kitton - Dickens and His Illustrators
Dickens and His Illustrators

Frederic G. Kitton (1899)

Steig - Dickens and Phiz
Dickens and Phiz

Michael Steig (1978)

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Illustrations Pickwick Papers Illustrations

Pickwick Papers Illustrations

Pickwick began with illustrations by Robert Seymour. After completing illustrations for the second monthly installment, Seymour committed suicide. The search began for a new illustrator and Robert W. Buss was hired. The Buss illustrations for the third monthly installment did not please Dickens or his publishers and another artist, Hablot Knight Browne was hired. Browne took the nickname Phiz to complement Dickens' Boz and the two became fast friends. Phiz went on to illustrate Dickens' works for 23 years.

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pickwick_papers 01

pickwick_papers 02
Mr. Pickwick Addresses the Club

pickwick_papers 03
The Pugnacious Cabman

pickwick_papers 04
The Sagacious Dog

pickwick_papers 05
Dr. Slammer's Defiance of Jingle

pickwick_papers 06
The Dying Clown

pickwick_papers 07
Mr. Pickwick in Chase of his Hat

pickwick_papers 08
Winkle Soothes the Refractory Mare

pickwick_papers 08a
Buss Illustration

pickwick_papers 08b
Buss Illustration

pickwick_papers 09
The Fat Boy Awake

pickwick_papers 10
Wardle and his Friends Under the Influence of the 'Salmon'

pickwick_papers 11
The Break-Down

pickwick_papers 12
First Appearance of Mr. Samuel Weller

pickwick_papers 13
Mrs. Bardell Faints in Mr. Pickwick's Arms

pickwick_papers 14
The Election at Eatanswill

pickwick_papers 15
Mrs. Leo Hunter's Fancy-Dress Dejeune

pickwick_papers 16
The Unexpected 'Breaking-Up' of The Seminary for Young Ladies

pickwick_papers 17
Mr. Pickwick in the Pound

pickwick_papers 18
Mr. Pickwick and Sam in the Attorney's Office

pickwick_papers 19
The Last Visit of Heyling to the Old Man

pickwick_papers 20
The Middle-Aged Lady in the Double-Bedded Room

pickwick_papers 21
Mr. Weller Attacks the Executive of Ipswich

pickwick_papers 22
Job Trotter Encounters Sam in Mr. Muzzle's Kitchen

pickwick_papers 23
Christmas Eve at Mr. Wardle's

pickwick_papers 24
The Goblin and the Sexton

pickwick_papers 25
Mr. Pickwick Slides

pickwick_papers 26
The first Interview with Mr. Serjeant Snubbin

pickwick_papers 27
The Valentine

pickwick_papers 28
The Trial

pickwick_papers 29
The Card-room at Bath

pickwick_papers 30
Mr. Winkle's Situation when the Door 'blew-to'

pickwick_papers 31
Conviviality at Bob Sawyer's

pickwick_papers 32
Mr. Pickwick sits for his Portrait

pickwick_papers 33
The Warden's Room

pickwick_papers 34
Discovery of Jingle in the Fleet

pickwick_papers 35
The Red-nosed Man discourseth

pickwick_papers 36
Mrs. Bardell encounters Mr. Pickwick in the Prison

pickwick_papers 37
Mr. Winkle Returns under extraordinary Circumstances

pickwick_papers 38
The ghostly Passengers in the Ghost of a Mail

pickwick_papers 39
Mr. Bob Sawyer's Mode of Travelling

pickwick_papers 40
The Rival Editors

pickwick_papers 41
Tony Weller ejects Mr. Stiggins

pickwick_papers 42
Mary and the Fat Boy

pickwick_papers 43
Weller and his Friends drinking to Mr. Pell