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Illustrations Oliver Twist Illustrations

Oliver Twist Illustrations

George Cruikshank supplied all 24 illustrations for Oliver Twist originally published in monthly parts from February 1837 to April 1839.

Note: It has been noted that Cruikshank could not draw pretty woman, it also appears that he had trouble drawing children. The children in the Oliver Twist illustrations look like miniature adults without the defining characteristics of children, such as the disproportionately large head and soft features which make a child look like a child.

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Oliver_Twist 01
Oliver claimed by his Affectionate Friends

Oliver_Twist 02
Oliver asking for More

Oliver_Twist 03
Oliver escapes being bound to a Sweep

Oliver_Twist 04
Oliver plucks up a Spirit

Oliver_Twist 05
Oliver introduced to the Respectable Old Gentleman

Oliver_Twist 06
Oliver amazed at the Dodger's Mode of 'going to work'

Oliver_Twist 07
Oliver recovering from Fever

Oliver_Twist 08
Oliver's Reception by Fagin and the Boys

Oliver_Twist 09
Master Bates explains a Professional Technicality

Oliver_Twist 10
The Burglary

Oliver_Twist 11
Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Corney taking Tea

Oliver_Twist 12
Mr. Claypole as he appeared when his Master was out

Oliver_Twist 13
Oliver at Mrs. Maylie's Door

Oliver_Twist 14
Oliver waited on by Bow-street Runners

Oliver_Twist 15
Monks and the Jew

Oliver_Twist 16
Mr. Bumble degraded in the Eyes of the Paupers

Oliver_Twist 17
The Evidence destroyed

Oliver_Twist 18
Mr. Fagin and his Pupils recovering Nancy

Oliver_Twist 19
The Jew and Morris both begin to understand Each Other

Oliver_Twist 20
The Meeting

Oliver_Twist 21
Sikes attempting to destroy his dog

Oliver_Twist 22
The Last Chance

Oliver_Twist 23
Fagin in the Condemned Cell

Oliver_Twist 24
Rose Maylie and Oliver