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Charles Dickens Page Timeline

This is mostly for my benefit, but for anyone interested in how this site evolved, here it is.

11/16/97	Started putting pages together
12/5/97		Page Debut on the Web
12/8/97		Linked by The Dickens Page
12/18/97	Added quotes to the Works page and Tiny Tim's Ailment article to the Christmas page
12/19/97	Added Dickens signature graphic to the Works page
12/21/97	Added Scrooge section to the Christmas page
12/23/97	1000th hit
1/13/98		Added major characters and links to the Works page
1/20/98		Added footers to all pages
2/10/98		Added Dickens in America page and resized pages from 640 to 600 pixels
3/24/98		Added Dickens' London interactive map
5/5/98		Added Bibliography page
10/11/98	10,000th hit
11/4/98		Added Donnithorne page
11/9/98		Added Dickens by Maclise graphic to home page
11/23/98	Added Monthly Numbers section to the Works page
12/4/98		1 year - 19,186 hits, updated the Dickens and Christmas page with more info
12/9/98		Added RASC link
1/9/99		New Dickens' London page with more info and animated London population graphic
4/18/99		Changed alt tags on the navigator adding more descriptive titles
4/19/99		Added SafeSurf rating
4/22/99		Added Hitbox link to the home page
5/7/99		Added Bibliography page to the navigator
10/8/99		Added Dickens Characters page with links from Works page
10/10/99	Added Awards page
10/12/99	Added Hitbox links to all pages
10/18/99	Added Information page
10/22/99	Added Search Capability
11/2/99		Started adding character images to Character page
12/4/99		2 years on the Web - 95529 hits
12/9/99		100,000th hit
12/13/99	Added Norrie Epstein's 'The Friendly Dickens' to the bibliography
1/04/00		Added note about homework, hoping to stem tide of requests for free homework
2/1/00		Britannica.com-Best of the Internet award
2/2/00		Added Amazon.com links
2/2/00		Linked from BBC Web Guide 
2/5/00		Added The Dickens Shoppe
2/7/00		New level-2 page banners
2/13/00		Added Awards button to navbar and re-ordered buttons
3/12/00		Site featured in the Sunday Times of London
4/08/00		Changed font on nav bar to Prose Antique
4/12/00		Re-optimized graphics and condensed home page to increase load time
4/20/00		Added Dickens Place in History Timeline graphic
5/28/00		Added Dickens Works Timeline graphic
8/4/00		Added Privacy Statement
9/4/00		Expanded Dickens Works page (retitled The Novels) with separate pages for each novel
9/7/00		Expanded Dickens Shoppe to two pages with more videos
9/8/00		New Dickens banner graphic on the home page
10/10/00	Expanded Illustrations Page
10/18/00	200,000th hit
11/3/00		Removed Perdue Home page link
11/4/00		Updated Bleak House, Rudge, Our Mutual Friend, and Little Dorrit pages
11/11/00	Cross-referenced links on the Characters page
11/16/00	added more characters to the Characters page
12/04/00	Added Family and Friends page
12/15/00	Added permission to use note
1/12/01		Added Bucket and Spontaneous Combustion blurbs to Bleak House
1/25/01		300,000th hit
1/26/01		Updated Hard Times page
1/27/01		Re-indexed site search
1/29/01		Updated Pickwick page
3/9/01		Added Public Readings to the Timeline page
3/10/01		Added Quick Links Javascript to Home Page
3/18/01		Updated Hard Times page
4/18/01		New Dickens London map with links to the UCLA 1859 map
5/6/01		Updated David Copperfield page
5/24/01		400,000th hit
7/16/01		Added Minor Works page
8/16/01		Updated The Old Curiosity Shop page
8/26/01		Updated Oliver Twist Page
9/14/01		Added Red Cross Link
9/21/01		Updated Edwin Drood Page
10/14/01	Food and Drink added to London page
10/27/01	Updated Great Expectations page
11/5/01		Updated Christmas Carol page
11/17/01	Updated Dickens' London Page
11/20/01	500,000th hit
11/23/01	Updates to Christmas and Christmas Carol pages
12/15/01	Added Reading Dickens page
1/4/02		Updated Dickens Shoppe, Dickens web pages
1/5/02		Re-indexed Search Tool
1/13/02		Added Dicken's Dictionary of London links to London Map page
1/15/02		Updated Dickens' London Map
1/29/02		600,000th hit
2/15/02		CyberSafari link
3/6/02		changed font to Arial
3/10/02		Added Giddings Reviews, Video link to novels
3/28/02		Updated Oliver Twist page
3/30/02		Added London Locations and fixed broken links
5/27/02		700,000th hit
6/5/02		Updated Barnaby Rudge and Characters pages
6/16/02		Added Dickens Glossary page
10/05/02	Updated Character Page
10/09/02	Updated Bleak House Page
10/11/02	Added more pix to the Character Page
10/11/02	Added Giddings' Ackroyd-Callow Page
11/12/02	Updated Dickens and Christmas Page, adding A Darker Christmas and Roasted Chestnuts
11/19/02	800,000th hit
11/20/02	Updated Christmas Carol page, adding Sabbatarianism segment
11/22/02	Re-arranged home page, added Carol graphic
01/02/03	updated Reading Dickens page, rewriting Dickens' Genius segment
01/02/03	Added Bill-Sticking page to Reading Dickens
01/02/03	updated Bibliography page
01/16/03	900,000th hit
01/20/03	Rewrite of text for Reading Dickens page - added R.W. Buss graphic and story
02/09/03 	Updated Dombey and Son page
02/24/03	Added Flash Timeline, moved Public Readings article to Dickens Web
03/05/03	Updated Illustrations page with sample illustrations
03/20/03	Updated Nickleby, Characters, London Map pages
04/09/03	Updated Dickens in America page, added Steamboat Trip and Haves...Have Nots
04/23/03	1,000,000th hit
06/07/03	Added Equestrian Journey to Dingley Dell, Seymour illustration
06/16/03	Added Pickwick and the Lady in Yellow Curl Papers
07/30/03	Updated Pickwick page
09/06/03	Put hits chart on separate link
10/05/03	1,100,000th hit
10/05/03	Added Google search to site, removed Hitbox search
10/08/03	Added Thackeray in Memoriam page
10/13/03	Added Dullborough Town page
10/21/03	Added Waterloo page
10/30/03	Changed banner images for Dickens Shoppe
10/31/03	Added Cratchit's Christmas page
11/11/03	Enlarged and updated the Dickens London Map
11/23/03	Added a right column with Amazon ads to top view pages
12/06/03	1,200,000th hit
12/09/03	Added interview with Michael Patrick Hearn
12/18/03	Added style sheets to all pages (not fully implemented)
12/23/03	Added Amazon links to books in Bibliography
01/09/04	Converted all pages to style sheets, added right-side Amazon ad to major pages
01/11/04	Widened home page to 740 with right-side ads: Added Bite Sized Dickens
01/15/04	Added the Mrs Gamp page
01/23/04	Updated the Martin Chuzzlewit page, Characters page
01/31/04	Checked links and reorganized Dickens on the Web page
02/12/04	Placed 4 rotating images w/links on the home page
03/04/04	1,300,000th hit. Finished adding Dickens' life during the novels to all novels pages
03/05/04	Added Williams and Maclise to the Illustrator page
03/13/04	Added 2 more rotating images w/ links to the home page
03/17/04	Added illustration methods article to illustrations page
05/15/04	Updated glossary page
06/22/04	Added Glossary Splash to home page
06/24/04	Updated Dickens London page
07/06/04	Updated glossary page
08/11/04	Updated Little Dorrit page
08/14/04	Updated Fast Facts page, added pix to characters page
09/10/04	Added Browne's disappointing illustration page
09/16/04	New text for the home page
09/18/04	Added Fanny's death page; Theater in Sunderland page
03/11/05	Added Transportation, more characters, and map to Great Expectations page
04/08/05	Added link to hi-res Dickens London map, updated Family and Friends page
07/11/05	Added Dickens on Stage page
10/22/05	Separated Christmas Books from Minor Works page
12/22/05 	Added Google Ads
01/07/06	Updated Pictures from Italy
02/18/06	Updated the A Tale of Two Cities page
03/05/06	Added David Perdue's Portable Charles Dickens Page book (lulu.com)
03/17/06	Added Google Maps aerial photos to Dickens' London Map
03/18/06	Added Dickens Family Tree
03/24/06	Added Staplehurst story to Our Mutual Friend
04/16/06	Divided Characters page into 8 pages
04/16/06	Added Google Analytics to all 1+2-level pages
04/22/06	Added Search and Site Map pages
06/03/06	Added complete Oliver Twist illustrations
06/12/06	Moved site to charlesdickenspage.com
06/22/06	Added complete Bleak House illustrations
08/21/06	Added complete David Copperfield illustrations
08/26/06	Added Millbank to online map
09/08/06	Added Best Characters page
10/04/06	Added Dickens Christmas aStore link
10/07/06 	Updated the Our Mutual Friend page
10/10/06	Added Annotated A Christmas Carol reading text page
10/21/06	Linked to Feed the Children on the home page
02/19/07	Widened top-level pages to 850 - added Google medium rectangles		
07/09/07	Updated Copperfield page
10/12/07 	Added Dickens in America newspaper accounts
11/13/07	Added complete The Old Curiosity Shop illustrations
11/18/07	Added complete Pickwick Papers illustrations
11/24/07	Added complete Nickleby illustrations
02/22/08	Added Southwark Cathedral, George Inn, and St. George's church to the map
08/09/08	Added photos to the Dickens London Map taken April 2008
09/07/08	Added article about Childs and Co and Temple Bar to the Tale of Two Cities page
09/25/08	Updated The Old Curiosity Shop page and added new characters
11/01/08  	Added Pain no longer to Curiosity Shop page
10/02/09	Uploaded top-level pages converted to CSS layout, centered, and increased width to 900px
11/17/09	Finished converting site to CSS layout
11/20/09	Reworked Reading Dickens page and added article on Nonesuch Dickens
09/03/10	Added Twitter to the site
10/08/10	Added Photo Gallery - bumped up text size on Character pages
11/07/10	Added more information to Dickens London Map including links to Google Maps and Wikipedia. Exchanged graphic buttons for CSS rollovers
11/08/10	Added Lant Street page with photos of Lant Street in 1935
02/05/11	Added London and Paris maps to the T2C page
01/07/12	High resolution Dickens' London Map updated
01/10/12	Added Google Analytics to the site
01/31/12	Updated the Dickens in America page with more info on the 1867-68 reading tour
02/20/13	Dickens' London page updated with info from Mayhew
03/12/13	Added Dickens on Film page
03/24/13	Added Dickens' Rochester and Vicinity Map
04/28/13	Updated Drood page
08/21/13	Updated Family and Friends Page
08/27/13	Amazon Associates account ended because of Missouri tax law
08/31/13	Reorganized Awards Page
10/02/13	Updated Pickwick Page, added Wellerisms page
10/18/13	Updated all pages, removing many Amazon ads, adding links to larger images, corrections.
10/21/13	Added the Little Dorrit illustrations
10/27/13	Added the Edwin Drood illustrations 
10/31/13	Added Pailthorpe's Great Expectations illustrations
11/28/13	Added Sketches by Boz illustrations
12/27/13	Added The Mystery of Ellen Ternan, The Violated Letter, and The Personal Statement
01/29/14	Added Dickens' age to each novel page
03/01/14	Uploaded new Timeline page with updated timeline charts
03/21/14	Updated Dickens London Map with new map background
05/10/14	Updated Hi-rez Dickens London Map, digital and Zazzle
05/17/14	Added characters to Dombey page
05/22/14	Added 2014 London photos to Gallery
06/05/14	Added Dombey and Son illustrations
08/22/14	Added Hard Times characters and illustrations
10/06/14	Added Night Walks and Captain Murderer to the Reading Dickens Page
10/07/14	Added The Uncommercial Traveller page
10/22/14	Added The Uncommercial Traveller Illustrations
11/25/14	Added Dickens and Journalism Page
12/10/14	Added The Frozen Deep to the Stage Page
12/11/14	Added A Christmas Carol: the Films and the Players to the Carol Page
3/240/15	Added Boz Spotlight to Home Page
06/21/15	Updated Oliver Twist Page with new maps
10/12/15	Updated the David Copperfield Page
10/19/15	Widened the site to 960 pixels, making the right column 220 pixels wide	
11/24/15	Added Dickens Rochester Map to site
11/28/15	Updated Great Expectations Page

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