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The latest in Dickens!

Highlighted Nov 2, 2017 - Dec 7, 2017

Mr. Dickens and His Carol
by Samantha Silva

Delightful novel based on the writing of Dickens' famous Christmas book. Told with true Dickensian flair!

Highlighted Oct 10, 2017 - Nov 2, 2017

Dog Diaries - Tiny Tim
by Kate Klimo

Delightful fiction based on Timber Doodle, the shaggy little terrier that Dickens brought home from America in 1842 and became a household favorite.

Highlighted Feb 4, 2017 - Oct 10, 2017

The Man Who Invented Christmas
By Les Standiford (2008)

The story of how Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol rescued his career and revived our holiday spirits. Movie version starring Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, and Jonathan Pryce is in production and set to be released during Christmas 2017.

Highlighted Sep 12, 2016 - Feb 4, 2017

A Christmas Coda
By Will Todd
A well-written and interesting sequel to A Christmas Carol with a Dickensian feel. Easily the best Carol sequel I have read.

Highlighted Sep 12, 2016 - Oct 18, 2016

On Top of the World (Until the Bell Chimes)
By David Lamb
A modern spin on Dickens' A Christmas Carol that perfectly combines humor and romance in a story re-imagined for our digital, consumerist age.

Highlighted Feb 13, 2016 - Sep 12, 2016

Charles Dickens and His Circle
Historian and award-winning author Lucinda Hawksley explores the life of her great-great-great-grandfather, Charles Dickens

Highlighted Nov 24, 2015 - Feb 13, 2016

Dickens Rochester/Chatham Map
By David Perdue
Learn more about Dickens' childhood home and how he revisited the area in his novels.

Highlighted June 23, 2015 - Nov 24, 2015

Death and Mr. Pickwick: A Novel
By Stephen Jarvis
Epic and controversial retelling of the relationship between Dickens and illustrator Robert Seymour in the creation of The Pickwick Papers

Highlighted Mar 24, 2015 - June 23, 2015

Fezziwig: A Life
By Danny Kuhn
In the midst of Britain's Industrial Revolution, one of Charles Dickens' most beloved characters is living a full life, adventurous and lusty, but touched by scandal.
"A rollicking good read"

Highlighted Feb 26, 2015 - Mar 24, 2015

Boz and the Bard
Herb Moskovitz takes a lively look at Dickens and Shakespeare

Highlighted Jan 26, 2015 - Feb 26, 2015

London by Dickens

Dickens' birthday is on February 7. Celebrate by checking out the most unique and exciting Dickensian DVD to come along in a very long time.

So what is so wonderful about this DVD? The answer is that it eschews the usual Dickensian greatest hits and, instead, goes off in a very different direction. To be specific, it deals with Dickens' lesser known short writings. It is, in essence, a montage drawn from "Sketches by Boz," "The Uncommercial Traveller," "Sketches of Young Couples," "The Mudfog Papers," and "The Pic-Nic Papers." How's that for something new and completely different!

It was made for American television and broadcast live in 1958 and stars a very young Alan Bates.

The DVD is available exclusively from Creative Arts Television.

Highlighted Jan 3, 2015 - Jan 26, 2015

The Last Chapter
by Lyn Squire
An original solution to the Drood mystery.