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Sketches by Boz

Pickwick Papers

Coaching Inns
Robert Seymour's Death
Mr Pickwick in the Fleet
V as W...and Vice Versa

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist Locations Outside London
Oliver Twist London Map
Fagin the Jew
Bow Street Runners
The Law is a Ass
The New Poor Law
Chimney Sweep Apprentices
Dickens and Cruikshank
Public Readings-The death of Nancy
The Anatomy Act of 1832

Nicholas Nickleby

Yorkshire Field Trip
The Cheeryble Brothers

The Old Curiosity Shop

Punch and Judy
Journey's End
Astley's Theatre
Possible Route
Pain No Longer?

Barnaby Rudge

The Gordon Riots
Public Executions
Dolly Vardon
Bloody Mary
Historical (hysterical) Novels
Grip the Raven

Martin Chuzzlewit

The Victorian Funeral

A Christmas Carol

Original Carol Illustrations
A Christmas Carol: Printing expences
Fifteen Bob a Week
Ignorance and Want
The Death of Tiny Tim
Cooking the Cratchit's Christmas Goose
A Christmas Carol: Dickens' reading text
Camden Town
Blind Man's Buff
My Favorite Film Version

Dombey and Son

The Railroad
The Toodles
Leamington Spa
Hablot Browne's disappointing illustration

David Copperfield

Miss Mowcher-oops!

Bleak House

Before Sherlock Holmes-Inspector Bucket
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Court of Chancery
Dame Durden
Snagsby - Law Stationer
Bleak House Map
Tulkinghorn's Chambers

Hard Times

Sleary's Circus
Preston Lockout

Little Dorrit

Debtor's Prison
Flora Finching-An Old Flame Revisited
European Tour
Circumlocution Office
The Marshalsea

A Tale of Two Cities

La Guillotine
Recalled to Life
Thomas Carlyle
A Tale of Two Cities Timeline
Maps of London and Paris
Tellson's Bank/Temple Bar
Resurrection Men
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

Great Expectations

Story Foretold
Satis House
Beggar My Neighbor
The Forge
All the Year Round
The Two Endings
Pip and Joe
Map of Dickens' Great Expectations Connections

Our Mutual Friend

The Dustmen
Paul McCartney
John Irving
The Staplehurst Accident

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Staple Inn
Possible Solutions
Queen Victoria
Dickens' Death

Minor Works

Master Humphey's Clock
American Notes
Pictures From Italy
The Life of Our Lord
A Child's History of England

Christmas Books

A Christmas Carol
The Chimes
Cricket on the Hearth
The Battle of Life
The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

Dickens' Characters
Dickens' best characters
Characters A-B
Characters C-D
Characters E-G
Characters H-K
Characters L-M
Characters N-Q
Characters R-S
Characters T-Z

Dickens Glossary

Dickens' Illustrations
Robert Seymour
Robert W. Buss
Hablot Knight Browne - Phiz
George Cruikshank
George Cattermole
Samuel Williams
Daniel Maclise
John Leech
Frank and Marcus Stone
Luke Fildes
Other Original Illustrators of Dickens
Illustrations in Dickens - Methods of Reproduction
Captain Cuttle's Hook
Woodcut Woes

Dickens Timeline

Reading Dickens
A Christmas Dinner
The New Year
Seven Dials
The Pawnbroker's Shop
A Visit to Newgate
The Hospital Patient
Bill Sticking
In Memoriam Thackaray
Dullborough Town
David Copperfield-Chapter 11
David Copperfield-Chapter 41
Dombey and Son - The Coming of the Railroad
American Notes - From Pittsburgh to Cincinnati in a Western Steamboat
American Notes - The Haves...and the Have Nots
The Pickwick Papers - Equestrian Journey to Dingley Dell
The Pickwick Papers - Mr Pickwick Meets the Lady in Yellow Curl Papers
A Christmas Carol - Cratchit's Christmas
Oliver Twist - Oliver asks for More
Martin Chuzzlewit - Mrs Gamp

Dickens the Journalist
Weekly Magazines

Dickens on Stage
Moskovitz - Dickens and the Theatre
Moskovitz - Dickens and Shakespeare
Moskovitz - Dickens and Sweeney Todd
Dickens reads in Sunderland
Dickens' Amateur Theatricals
The Frozen Deep
Dickens' Public Readings
New York 1867
Andrew Johnson
Anton Lesser
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Sikes and Nancy

Dickens on Film

Dickens' London
The Railroad
Food and Drink
Sanitation and Disease
In the Streets
The Law
The Poor

Dickens' London Map
London locations listed by novel

Dickens and Christmas
Smoking Bishop
Plum Pudding
Reading the Carol
Tiny Tim's Ailment
Ebenezer Scrooge
The many faces of Ebenezer Scrooge
A Good Humoured Christmas Chapter
The story of A Christmas Carol
A Darker Christmas

Family and Friends
Wife Catherine
Catherine's Sisters
Friends and Associates
The Mystery of Ellen Ternan

Dickens in America
The Britannia
American Cities-Dickens Observations 1842
Newspaper accounts of Dickens' travels-1842
Laura Bridgman
Mermaid House
Second American Visit 1867-68
Private theatricals in Montreal 1842
Suppressed Introductory Chapter to American Notes
Dickens' American Reading Tour 1867/68 - A Hot Ticket
American Railroads
Perils of Steamships
Visiting Niagara Falls
Inn at Sandusky
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