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Charles Dickens audiobooks available at audible.co.uk

Samples in mp3 format:

audio.co.uk - Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist
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audio.co.uk - A Tale of Two Cities
A Tale of Two Cities
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Catherine Dickens Catherine Dickens
Dickens married the former Catherine Hogarth in 1836. They had 10 children together before separating in 1858. Catherine died in 1879.

Ellen Ternan Ellen Ternan
Dickens met "Nellie" Ternan in 1857 when she was hired as an actress in one of his amateur plays. They were frequent companions for the rest of his life.

Dickens' Birthplace Charles Dickens' Birthplace Museum
Dickens was born here February 7, 1812. The house has been restored and furnished with period pieces.

Broadstairs Broadstairs
An annual Dickens Festival is held to celebrate the town's connection with the writer.

Chalk Village Chalk Village
Dickens and Catherine honeymooned here in 1836. The forge here was Dickens inspiration for the setting of the opening chapters of Great Expectations.

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Gad's Hill Place Gad's Hill
As a child Dickens would walk with his father by Gad's Hill Place, a large impressive mansion outside Rochester. His father told him that with perseverance and hard work he could live in such a house.

Thirty-six years later, in 1856, Dickens bought it.

Buy Dickens at Huckleberry and Hodge

Rochester: City of Charles Dickens
Rochester - City of Charles Dickens
A Photo tour by Graham Salter
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